I look at him with my head hung down through my wet lashes. How does he know the right words to crumble my resolve? How can he pick them so carelessly from the air without thought of consequence? I wonder if he knows how deep they cut me, like razors along my heart? Would he even care if he did? It would probably hurt less he would raise his fist rather than his tone. Some wounds are so deep they may never heal.



The warmth of his lips skittered across her flesh leaving a trail of heat up her back.  Flicks of his tongue teased a path up the spine while he glided towards her neck. Arching back she tried to move closer to his warmth, her flesh raised with a chill. 

~ Demi

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Another day to pretend that nothing is the matter, anniversary comes and goes, Thanksgiving as well.

Soon it will be Christmas what will we not say then?


It wasn’t the infidelity that made me turn away,

It was the lies you fed me to try and make me feel as if it was okay,

It was the way you twisted it to make it sound like it was a good idea,

I couldn’t be prepared for the betrayal that I felt.


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You are the air that I need, without you I cannot breathe.

Yet when you are near I cannot catch my breath.


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They jumble in my head, the words I want to express.

I can’t get them out in an order that makes sense.


I sit here and revel in the memories of years gone past.

Remembering people and places that seemed so important, that are now just thoughts that are more faded than an old photograph.

I see the measure of my life, now honestly half over, in flashes of moments that replay in my mind. 

A tangle of threads weaving together, painting pictures in my head.

Exploration and experiences that I once wished would never end, and promises we made to one and other to never forget, and to meet up again.

Benign life choices; jobs, marriage, children; so many reasons connections were lost and malignant severances because of misunderstandings that could never be healed.

I sit here, as I remember, and mourn the loss of my memories.



Can you feel the chill, it fills the room. 

The warmth we use to share has faded like an old shirt. 

Instead of passion, we share history, a pattern of complacency that grows from mutual boredom. 

We keep it going, neither willing to be the one to throw in the towel, both knowing loves gone cold.


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Frustration mounts as I think about where I have been and where I am going in my life.

I had so many dreams and plans, and I destroyed them all.

How do you recover from that?

I have done this to myself.


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Summer fades to Fall.

The smell of the earth returning to slumber fills the air; a musty mix of leaves with smoke from fireplaces warding off the cold nights.

As the earth starts its decent into winter, we flock to our homes in search of warm sweaters and loved ones to snuggle.

The bright leaves fall from the trees, blanketing the ground with a checkered quilt of reds, yellows and oranges before the white bleak snow of winter arrives.

Memories of summer fun and years gone by surface as we recall them, sharing stories to keep us entertained as the darkness starts to creep into the days. 

Winters breath nipping at our heels as we enjoy the last few moments of another year.


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